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Daikin VRV IV sets the standards…Again

Early last week Daikin Middle East & Africa along with Muscat Electronics (ME)have launched the 4th Generation of VRV, for the High ambient Market, at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Muscat.More than 250 HVAC professionals from Ministries, developers, contractors and consultants attended the splendid event-packed product launch

Dr. Mohamed Musa Al Yousef – Chairman of Muscat Electronics and Mr.Ryouji Sano – President, Daikin Middle east & Africa, together with senior officials and managers from the public and private sector, were present at the event. ‘We are proud to be associated with a company, which is a global leader and innovator in the field of Air-conditioning’ said Dr.Mohamed M. Al Yousef. He also added that“Muscat Electronics will continue to provide top quality services to all our customers. ”

VRV IV achieves a new benchmark for efficiency, as it features major enhancements to the already industry-leading VRV solution. VRV IV offers three revolutionary innovations: variable refrigerant temperature (VRT), Refrigerant – cooled PCB, and the VRV configurator for simplified commissioning.
Daikin has been continuously setting the standard for climate control since it first introduced the VRV technology in 1982. This major innovation created a whole new category in the air conditioning market for Variable Refrigerant Flow systems. Innovations, such as inverter controlled compressors have improved efficiency and comfort and made VRV one of the fastest growing specified systems in the commercial and residential buildings. More than 40% of the VRF systems installed in GCC are Daikin VRV systems.

The unique Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology allows VRV IV heat pumps to respond to cooling requirements by continually monitoring the required capacity and weather conditions. This automatic adjustment means the system only uses the power required to meet the load, resulting in 28% less energy being consumed, derived from higher part load efficiencies, when compared with previous generations of The VRV IV core technologies result from over 50 patents related to the Compressor, Condenser Coil, and amongst all; the Refrigerant –Cooled PCB which adds reliability at the high ambient temperatures in the GCC.

The new VRV configurator completes the trio of innovations and offers an advanced software solution which simplifies commissioning and customization. This means less time is required on the roof configuring the outdoor unit. Ongoing maintenance is easier too, thanks to a graphical interface that allows engineers to evaluate operational data and errors. The VRV configurator also allows multiple systems within multiple sites to be managed all in exactly the same way, thus offering simplified commissioning and easy maintenance for key accounts.

“Daikin's VRV IV has become even smarter, not only it is especially designed to handle the sizzling heat of the Middle East, but also with its unique VRT technology, it constantly monitors ambient temperature and continuously adjust not only the refrigerant flow like typical VRF systems but also the refrigerant temperature to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption”, said Mr. AquilAhamed – Country Manager for Oman, Daikin Middle East & Africa.

To complement the VRV IV system, Daikin’s new intelligent touch manager offers an intuitive user interface with a visible floor plan and provides energy management tools to maximize efficiency.

The system has an option to integrate through “Intelligent Network”, a predictive and preventive maintenance. The system that operates by remotely monitoring the operation of the major components and detects any deviation from the norm, as a potential future failure, and hence sends a message to service, to take care of the problem before it happens.

The VRV IV system can be used together with a wide range of decorative and concealed indoor units, using state of the art inverters for higher levels of comfort and lowest energy consumption.The combination with Air Handling units and factory designed controls makes it the system of choice to meet Fresh Air requirements in high performance buildings.

The VRV IV Performance has been third party tested to ensure the highest level of Performance at 35°C and 46°C (T3) and continuous operation at very High Ambient Temperatures of 55°C using ISO, Intertek and AHRI testing.

“Muscat Electronics is the distributor of Daikin brand of air-conditioners and has been associated with Daikin Industries Ltd., Japan for over 33 years, providing total air-conditioning solutions throughout Oman to the Government, Private sectors and Individuals.ME is a pioneer in sowing the seeds of innovative technologies in the Sultanate and continue to meet the challenges of global warming and sustainability by introducing high energy efficient Daikin invertors split Ac’s with R32 refrigerant (zero ODP & low GWP) along with VRV-IV in Oman. Thus, bringing to Oman some of the most innovative, environment friendly and highly energy efficient products in the air-conditioning sector developed and invented by Daikin Industries Ltd., the global leader in air-conditioning solution”, said Mr.Faisal Al Yousef, CEO of ME.

“ME and Daikin opened up the market for VRV in Oman with first VRV installed in the year 2004 and are proud to mention that Daikin still dominates the market in VRF segment. As of today,MEhasan installation base of over 30,000 tons of VRV operating in Oman which are well supported by Muscat Electronics service team” added Mr.Geeju Paul, General Manager of ME’s Air conditioning Division.

ME had received various recognitions including an award from Daikin for achieving the largest sales of VRV systems in the Middle-East. ME boasts of a highly skilled design team and awell-trained installation team which installs and supervises all installations and commissioning. Muscat Electronics also has a very sophisticated service center equipped with advanced computerized system analysis and the team is well trained and fully equipped.ME offers 24 x 7 support to all the existing and new AMC.

Daikin Industries is the World’s HVAC Leader with more than 60,000 employees worldwide. Daikin is engaged primarily in the development, manufacture, sales and aftermarket support of a full range of HVAC equipment, refrigerants and other chemicals, as well as oil hydraulic products, and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with more than 80 global production facilities & presence in more than 145 countries.

Daikin Middle East & Africa , based in Dubai, UAE promotes and provides aftermarket support for a full range of air conditioning equipment and systems in All GCC, Middle East and Africa through their most Reliable & Trusted Distributors across the region.


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