Daikin Solution Plaza

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GCCs first Daikin Solution Plaza

Daikin Solution Plaza allows customers to experience, feel, touch and see the difference and invisible values of Daikin products, including the technology it uses and other features. It is the first Daikin Air Conditioning solution plaza in the Middle East.

Daikin Solution Plaza provides visitors an opportunity to have a first hand experience of Daikin’s world-class quality products and the unparalleled services offered by Muscat Electronics.

Customers can learn more about the advantages and benefits to be gained from using Daikin products, like the energy efficient and environment-friendly R-32 Inverter splits, which is known for its minimal impact on global warming and zero negative effect on the ozone layer.

Working Flow

How it works?

Experience the environment friendly and highly energy efficient technologies in the air-conditioning field, invented and developed by Daikin

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