Round Flow Cassette

Our Daikin 360° Round Flow technology provides the best comfort available on the market and increases your energy efficiency by up to 50%.

Easy maintenance

Equipped with a special auto-cleaning filter, our Round Flow Cassette ensures consistent operation and increases efficiency by up to 50%. The dust collected during the daily automatic cleanings is stored in a box that can hold up to 12 month’s worth of dust.

Forget the ladders and a cleaning technician. All you need to do to extract the dust from the box is to hook it up to your regular vacuum cleaner.

Maximum comfort

Smart technologies create a comfortable climate

High efficiency

Increased energy efficiency increases your savings

Flexible solutions

Flexible design integrates with any room or installation

Widest choice of panels in the market

Available in white and black, the Round Flow cassette can accommodate any type of interior.

7 different panels in designer, auto cleaning and standard version will fit any need from standard to dust prone environments.

  • New line of design panels hiding air intake grilles for a more stylized outlook
  • With 360° air flow, wide flaps and optional intelligent sensors
  • The unique Daikin auto cleaning cassette with wide flaps and optional intelligent sensors
  • Finer mesh panel for dust prone areas (i.e. clothing and book shops)
  • The unqiue Daikin round flow cassette with 360° air flow, wide flaps and optional intelligent sensors