Fully Flat Cassette

A blend of award-winning design and engineering excellence.

Unique, award-winning design

Designed in Europe for Europe, our Fully Flat Cassette blends in seamlessly with standard architectural ceiling tiles. Its slim design only extends 8mm from the ceiling and won the Universal Design Award in 2014, and the German Design Award Special in 2016. Available in white or silver, our Fully Flat Cassette’s unobtrusive design is ideal for any building interior.

Intelligent sensors

Individual flap control

Quiet operation

Engineered for efficiency and comfort

  • The optional intelligent sensors use a presence sensor to detect and direct airflow away from people to eliminate cold droughts. Your system automatically switches to energy-saving mode or turns off when it detects an empty room. An additional floor sensor ensures that the temperature remains consistent from the floor to the ceiling.
  • The remote-controlled, adjustable air discharge flaps mean that you can create different airflow patterns for installation in corners, adjacent to walls or in irregularly shaped rooms. This feature is especially useful when you rearrange your interior, because you can adjust the airflow patterns without moving the unit.
  • With only 25dBA, our Fully Flat Cassette is the quietest cassette currently available in the commercial market.