Rooftops Series | Packaged Air Conditioner System | High Efficiency

A rooftop air conditioning unit is a basic ‘plug and play’ solution, ideal for medium to large spaces where an economical yet effective system is required. As well as delivering heating and cooling, roof air conditioners provide the option to switch to ‘free cooling’ as an energy saving mode in mid-season.

Free cooling energy saving option

Rooftop air conditioning units can be equipped with an economiser option enabling ‘free cooling’ when the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, which means the outdoor air can be used as free source of cooling.

Fresh air ventilation

A fresh air ventilation option is also available to maintain a high quality indoor environment. This uses CO2 sensors to monitor the air quality and to regulate the amount of incoming fresh air.

Plug and play installation

Installation is as easy as ‘plug and play’. The single packaged unit is either mounted on the roof, as the name suggests, or alternatively at ground level next to the building. It requires no additional piping work, as both the indoor and outdoor sides are pre-connected. The unit can be used with various lengths of ducting and, once the ductwork is installed, the unit can simply be connected to the electrical supply and is ready to operate.