Wall Mounted

With stylish indoor units, a wide range of models and controls for each room, Daikin wall mounted units give you comfortable, energy efficient solutions for your living room, bedroom, office etc.

Individual Control

You can operate each unit independently to get the temperature you want only in the rooms where you need it.

Energy and Cost Savings

Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies give you the highest possible efficiency and energy savings at lower costs.

Flexible Installation

Daikin compact air conditioners are easy to install, even in homes where space is limited.

Extensive Product Range

Our wide range of models means that you can choose the style and performance which suits your home best.


Daikin’s mission is to provide you with the latest in air comfort technology. Your local Daikin expert will be able to tell you more about the special features built into our models.

Smart Inverter Technology

Heat Pump Performance

Humidifying / Dehumidifying

  • Inverter technology in air conditioners is used to regulate the indoor temperature continuously. Compared with a traditional system, it gives you optimum comfort as well as reducing your energy costs by 30%
  • To give you the best in convenience and comfort, Daikin technology manages humidity at any temperature without needing an additional water tank.
  • There are Daikin heat pump ranges for both extremely hot and cold outdoor temperatures, so you always enjoy the perfect climate indoors.
  • Our indoor units are whisper quiet for perfect comfort.